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Weekly One-minute-tip: About Money

On Money... Getting paid (always a good start)

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Here is your Just Do This One Little Thing tip for the week

One-Minute-Business-Tip: This week, a really cool thing to do to help you get on top of the finances in your business is about how to make sure you always get paid: (Click on the image to watch the video instead)

Activity: I've mentioned before that collecting cash and implementing a collection system is a crucial step to improving your cash flow in your business and lowering your stress.

The last step in any debt collection system is to send the debt to a debt collector. The problem is that most small business owners never take this last step because they think it's expensive.

So this week's "one little thing" is: Find a debt collection agent, ask around or google, have a chat to them, understand how they work.

And then do one more really simple thing: In your standard terms and conditions, add a condition that says this:

"All debt collection costs will automatically be added to overdue accounts"

That one sentence will change the ballgame entirely, I guarantee it.


Do this one little thing this week and you'll be surprised how this one simple sentence in your quotes is going to make a difference to your cash flow.

That's all for this week.

Tune in next week Friday for another Just Do This One Little Thing email

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