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Weekly One-minute-tip: About Fun

On Fun in Business... The Big Question

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Here is your Just Do This One Little Thing tip for the week

One-Minute-Business-Tip: This week, a really cool thing to do to help you get back in touch with the Fun in your Business is to ask yourself the BIG QUESTION: (Click on the image to watch the video instead)

Activity: Set aside half an hour to start to get to the bottom of the question: "Why does your business exist, what's it on this earth for and why would anybody care about that?"

This is the most important question you'll ever ask yourself in your business.

To start to unearth the answer to that question, start with completing my Values and Beliefs questionnaire. You can download it here.

For now just look at pages 1 to 4. It's best not to try and do everything at once... Schedule in some time to do the next bit in a week or so And don't forget to look at the Simon Sinek video from a few weeks ago).


Do this one little thing this week and you'll be surprised. this is the most important question you'll ever ask yourself in business.

That's all for this week.

Tune in next week Friday for another Just Do This One Little Thing email

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