Weekly One-minute-tip: About Growth... More Goal stuff image

Weekly One-minute-tip: About Growth... More Goal stuff

On Growth... More Goal stuff

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Here is your Just Do This One Little Thing tip for the week

This week, a really cool thing to do to help you grow your business is the next step in the Goal setting process I've talked about in the previous Growth Tips: (Click on the image to watch the video instead)

Activity:This is the fifth "one little thing" email about Goal setting. In the last Goal setting email a few weeks ago, I asked you to decide on a 3 – 5 year Target on the way to your BHAG. So this week it's about breaking down the Target to a Goal for the year.

What does life and business need to look like so you know you're on track to your Target and therefore to your BHAG?
The Goal doesn't absolutely need to be an exact year... If it's August now and you want to make the Goal about the Financial year that's fine, but it's useful to be as close as possible to a year.

Don't forget that the question is: what does life and business need to look like? the Goal isn't just about revenue or profit, it's more about the stage of business development and the development of you as the business owner.


Do this one little thing this week and you'll be surprised how much more effective your goal setting is going to be.

That's all for this week.

Tune in next week Friday for another Just Do This One Little Thing email

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