Newsletter - February 2019 image

Newsletter - February 2019

2019 is well underway now and I hope that you have had some time of refreshment over the festive season. I’m excited to be able  to share with you some client success stories that have all happened in January, from exhibitions to eggs to Australia Day awards. To find out more read the articles below, quite inspirational. How can you take steps to maximise your potential? 

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Michael Harvey

One of our own clients, Tasmanian artist Amanda Parer, successfully exhibited the world premiere of "MAN" as part of the Mona Foma festival at the Cataract Gorge last month. A monumental meditation on humankind, after Rodin’s famous bronze sculpture The Thinker. Parer Studio’s Man reflects on who we have become, our place in the world, and the big questions we ponder in the twenty-first century. It lights up at night, too. Hopefully you were able to get out and see this incredible piece of artwork available for our viewing (and swim around him if you wanted to), nothing short of spectacular! Well done to Amanda and her crew on this display in your very own home town, it was enjoyed and appreciated by almost everyone in Launceston!

Amanda has exhibitions nationwide, with a range of designs that she has created. Check out the following link

Photo courtesy of Parer Studio Pty Ltd  #parerstudio

 Success with eggs

Our client Danny Jones and the team at Pure Foods Eggs have a lot to be proud of being Tasmania’s largest egg producer and keeping up with impressive growth in consumer demand, everyone wants more eggs!  Pure Foods Eggs have seen many changes in the industry over the years, including a massive 45% of it’s production systems moving to free range since 2013 - this article first appeared in the Mercury on the 18th of January by Karolin Macgregor - check it out here


Australia Day Award

Congratulations to Denise Delphin who has received an Australia Day award this year!!  Denise is the manager of the Northern Suburbs Community Centre and has contributed an immense amount of  hard work and dedication there.

An excerpt from the Examiner:
Denise Delphin was awarded the council’s Citizen of the Year. Ms Delphin has been working at the Northern Suburbs Community Centre for more than 30 years. The city’s Australia Day Committee chairman Councillor Rob Soward said she was a very deserving winner.
"It is often said that hard work spotlights the character of people, some people turn up their sleeves, some people turn up their noses and some just don’t turn up at all. She certainly is in the turn their sleeves up category," he said. "This amazing woman has been instrumental in transforming what was once a small centre, to a community centre."

Well done Denise! In May she will also be receiving the Medal of the Order of Australia, find out more here
So great to see clients of ours flourishing and being rewarded for their industriousness.


Michael is passionate about assisting business owners understand more about their business and succeed. He has lots of knowledge that enables him to value add for his clients. Very responsive, caring & professional

- Steve Brumby

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